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The Divided Community Project

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1 The Divided Community Project on Tue Jan 03, 2017 6:07 pm

I have been reading over the "Divided Community Project" documents a friend of mine sent me - she helped work on them early on.  They were created post-Ferguson but could apply to a range of conflicts.

The whole project seems to me a pretty action-oriented and constructive response to community conflict:

Some actionable preparedness/community-building articles are found here:

In terms of work that can be done before direct conflict arises, I think that the section called Community Problem Solving looks very promising:

...especially the points:
"Communities stand a better chance of stemming the most damaging civil unrest and lasting bitter divides if residents broadly:
- Enhance trust during tranquil times so that they are more likely to work together to resolve a crisis;
- Develop a shared sense of community identity that all interest groups can support and serve as a reason to preserve peace;"

If you discover any particularly helpful info there, I would love to know - I am still perusing its many pages.

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